~La  Sorciere  Noire~
The  Music of Enchantment
With a dark ambient magickal aesthesis, La Sorciere Noire weaves her incantatory charms with middle-eastern modal systems, marrying ancient ethereal trance to a modern gothic sensuality. She accompanies her vocal mythopoetics with evocative synthscapes and polyvalent electronics, and plays dark and luminous textures on electric and acoustic guitars, persian kamancheh, santur, turkish saz, yayli tambur, and electric oud.

Drawing from Sabbatic Craft, as well as various magickal and mythical traditions including typhonian rites, cthulhian mythos, and persian sorcery, La Sorciere Noire's invocations are a ritual praxis conjuring the opening of the daathian gateway between the worlds, evoking ancient atavisms and oracles that manifest in the mirror of dreams.


©2007 La Sorcière Noire / Dark Moon Lylyth